About Jessica Pretz, MS, LPC

Owner: Southern Grace Counseling

Born and raised an Alaska girl, I found myself following my heart down to South Carolina in 2020. Just as I have done through therapy, I hope to help my clients embark on a journey that leads them to a happier and healthier version of themselves; whether it be a version they once knew and miss, or to finally experience feelings such as acceptance, hope, relief, value, and more.

Jessica Pretz of Southern Grace Counseling
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Oliver, our Miniature Yorkshire Terrier counseling mascott
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      I’ve dreamed of this job since I was young, wanting nothing more than to help others feel cared for, safe, and understood. Those who may not have been loved or treated the way they should have been, deserve to feel safe. Good does still exist in the world.  I was blessed to have an early start, as I began working in the field in 2011.  Since then, I’ve been given an opportunity to work with individuals from many walks of life. Whether it was in a domestic violence shelter, an inpatient hospital, a prison, a rural Alaskan village, or a private practice setting; every client I’ve met has provided me an opportunity to learn something new and helped to make me a better provider. I strongly believe that we never stop learning and never stop growing.

     When working with clients, I take a person-centered, solution-focused approach. I meet each person exactly where they are at; beginning each therapeutic relationship with a personalized therapy plan based on the individual’s desires and needs. While my passion lies in helping individuals with a history of trauma, I have a strong background in helping individuals struggling with depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and life transitions. Even though Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing EMDR is one of my most-often used tools, I also practice Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

   Being the owner of Southern Grace allows me to have a more open and flexible schedule.  Limiting work schedules and daily life “must do’s” can make it difficult to find time to put ourselves first. I am here to work with you in any way that I can, while creating a therapeutic relationship where trust and understanding are two of the most important aspects.